Monday, December 5, 2011

The Truth About Santa

I knew it was coming. She's 9. Most kids have already stopped believing, but my daughter knows that her mother would NEVER buy the presents that Santa leaves under the tree. Last year she started questioning, but come Christmas morning, swore it was obvious that Santa was real. Which was strange, because why wouldn't mommy buy a pillow pet and a frilly hot pink dog bed? (OK, so maybe mom talked up how silly she thought it was and a waste of money. I'm nothing if not thorough. A dog bed for her stuffed kitty IS a waste of money! Freaking Ferocious the cat.)

This year however, there was no way not to talk about it. She was asking again and there was no way around it. She wanted a yes or no answer. So I told her. She smiled at me and said "I promise not to tell Emmy". A few days later, she's still true to her word. In fact, she's going above and beyond to make her sister think that she still believes. Which, if you know my child, is a RARE thing. She's usually going out of her way to make her sister feel dumb. (we are working on that one). Why is she doing this?

"Santa is real mommy. Santa is US!"


Jennifer said...

That's really sweet that she's keeping the secret.

Multislacking Mama said...

Sisters can be so thoughtful when it really counts!