Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life, Interrupted

Things have been... Busy. Thumbelina needs a new bed. She is currently in a toddler and will be 5 in October. The bed might have lasted that long for her, but Alice thought they should jump on it, and they broke a slat. We took this as a sign to replace it. So we have been pricing them. And it's headache inducing.

Alice decided that she hated her daybed. It's wooden, 20 years old, great construction, and it has hearts carved in it. The bed is beautiful.
Photobucket Which, apparently doesn't matter, she hates it. And if Thumbelina gets a new bed, it's not fair and it means we don't love her as much.

Or, at least, it means that in her head, which led to a massive pout. So, today I told her I was going to sell her bed on Craigslist. Her eyes got really wide. I took pictures and showed them to her and she burst into tears. Why? Alice has decided to wait until she's 12 to revisit the subject of getting a new bed. She gave no explanation, but I think she must have some type of attachment, and at least realizes mommy is willing to compromise. (selling her bed to finance a new one)

Crisis resolved. Until she is 12. Or until Thumbelinas new bed arrives...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wannabe Rocker Chick or Psycho Mommy?

I had my hair cut off last Friday, and today, I got around to having Matt take pictures of it. I generally hate how I look on camera since gaining all of this weight, but eh, this is what I look like, right?

I also happened to buy a few new shirts/tanks without trying them on. Apparently, I over estimated and could have gone down a size, as the straps are falling off me (though, no telling what my breasts would have done in a smaller size)




I asked for a style that I could dry and go with. That didn't actually happen the way I thought. Apparently, I forgot to take my hairs ideas on how it wants to look in account. Either way, the time it takes to fix is still less than the average drying time of before I cut it, so, no really problem.

I leave you with a picture of me and Thumbelina!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

It hurts every where :(

I decided to clean house today. And 5 minutes into that, I realized that my husband wasn't going to be much help, so when the phone call from Alice's best friends dad came, I was ready to kick them out of the house. Call it the best thing to happen all day. They all met at the park, giving me free reign of the house, without getting pissed that he was watching TV in the bedroom, while I bitched in the kitchen for him to shut off the fucking television.

I was able to get the kitchen and living room clean, most of the clothes washed and put away (there is another small kids load in the dryer, a load of towels in the washer, and a small load of towels waiting. It's 10:54pm, so, I am pretty satisfied). Also, I was able to switch out the winter wardrobes for the girls and I. I currently have 4 hangers left, and all the clothes in the house are clean, which means that I have nothing to really hang up the clothes in the dryer... Oops... Guess all the clothes in the house have never been cleaned all at once! (This deserves a long back massage, right?)

Now, in my earlier Matt bashing, I didn't mention that when he came home, he swept the floor for me, so I could mop. So, he deserves a glass of water, don't you think?

Tomorrow I do the bathrooms, and I have threatened the children about what I will do with their toys if they don't get their bedroom and playroom looking AWESOME. Let's see how well that works.

Dinner Menu for March

AND into April! I have noticed that I have myself cooking Enchiladas on my birthday, and um, Hell NO. Maybe that will be the 7th... Or maybe the 8th?

03/15/10 Clam Chowder

03/16/10 Seashell Spaghetti

03/17/10 Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

03/18/10 Nuggets and fries

03/19/10 Meatloaf

03/20/10 Parm Crusted Tilapia

03/21/10 Stuffed Shells

03/22/10 Potato Soup

03/23/10 Lasanga

03/24/10 Salmon Patties

03/25/10 Patti Labelle Mac and Cheese and Pork chops

03/26/10 Canned tomato soup

03/27/10 Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

03/28/10 Simple Dinner

03/29/10 Fajitas

03/30/10 Baked Spaghetti

03/31/10 Salmon Patties

04/01/10 Stromboli

04/02/10 Greggs Chili

04/03/10 Taco Bake

04/04/10 Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

04/05/10 Carinos Bowtie Festival

04/06/10 Sour Cream Enchilda

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cancelled Prom: Gay Bad Wolf?

I know I seem to be super political these days, I really don't mean to be. I just hate hearing the stupidity that people spew.

Todays topic is about the school district that canceled the 2010 Senior Prom, rather than let a same sex couple attend. Constance McMillan wanted to go to prom, to experience what we all had the chance to experience in high school, and for many of us, have awesome memories of. The only difference? The person next to her in a tuxedo would have a vagina and not, the apparently required, penis.

At first, it shocked me that the school would rather cancel prom than allow a student to show up with her girlfriend. But then, I realized what they were really trying to do. Ostracize this girl. This district is hoping that this girl will feel so hurt by her fellow classmates anger at their canceled prom, that she will back down.

HELL.NO. In no way should this girl back down. I am sorry that the prom was canceled, I am very sorry that this school district is so scared of two women dancing together. I want to hear one rational reason that couples can't not be same sex. And hearing "it's disruptive" is a homophobes cop-out, so come up with something better, OK?

If you support the rights of Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender people, go to the link below and fill out the form for a free sticker to attach to your census envelop. Queer the Census is about bringing to voice of the GLBT to the government. They need a voice too. And we can help.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am not crazy, my life is not Twilight

Matt and I went looking for him a new pair of shoes today. We stopped by FYE, where I took pictures with Edward and Jacob. Matt says it looks like I am grabbing Edwards boob. Jacob is leaning away from me, I am assuming it's because I was just all over Edward and he didn't like the vampire smell. I would upload the photos, but my computer is missing the fucking SD slot, and Matt's is broken, so the photos are stuck on his damn phone.

My sister called me to borrow a dress and wanted to ask if we had a "date" to see Eclipse together. Well, duh. When I told Matt he didn't have to go with me this next time, he says "Why not? It'll break tradition, so I'm going. Got to see how it ends now. Sure as hell not reading the books"

My husband secretly loves Twilight. He'll never admit it.

Thanks Babycenter Moms. Thanks a lot!

In our house, it feels like we have spent the year of 2010 SICK. We get over one thing, only to be struck down with the next. Today, I was feeling better for the first time, but Matt has a really painful ear infection. So, the day has not been easy.

During all of this, I promised to take the girls to the park. And of course, failed in my wonderful mommy moment. This left me with a 4 year old in heart wrenching tears. Which made me feel even worse about myself. You see, Mommy forgot that the parks closed at 5. (Of course, next week, they start staying open until 8 again). And I apparently forgot about dinner.

Heart broken, and feeling like the worlds worst mommy, some how the words "Who wants McDonalds" popped out of my mouth. The kids turned and stared at me, confused that mommy actually mentioned the "M" word. They didn't say anything, and I thought they were about to turn my insane offer down, so I sweetened the deal. "The McDonalds with the play place guys!" Of course, this brought them out of their trance and they were the happiest kids on the block.

We hopped in the car and drove to Mickey D's and the girls had the time of their lives. Chicken nuggets and germ infested playtime.

After coming home and getting the girls in bed and taking time to myself to relax, I started making a list. A menu for the entire month of March and into April. Meals like Parmesan Crusted Tilapia, Lasagna, and Stuffed Pork Tenderloin. I even wrote out the grocery list for the month.

I have decided this craziness that I am doing at 1am is due to McDonalds guilt. And where else did I learn THAT, except at

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Checking out your ass: Gays in the Military

I would like to hear one logistical argument on why gays shouldn't be allowed to serve in the military. In most arguments, I hear a lot of bullshit about how relationships can be formed and it's not as safe and blah, blah, blah. That argument might hold weight if women weren't getting knocked up in the barracks. But that's a non issue right? (well, probably not to the husbands and wives that are betrayed, but that's another story)

Is it just possible that Gays are not wanted in the military, serving our country, DYING for our country, because you are scared one of them might see you bent over holding a rifle and not be able to overcome the lust he feels for you, and he might jump you right then and there? Maybe a replay of Deliverance in the Army barracks showers?

Listen up Bubba, you aren't that hot. And if the girls aren't tripping over themselves to tap that, George Michael isn't likely to think your that hot either. And he has better manners and probably exhibits better self control than you do too. While you think the word No means "convince me otherwise", he actually hears No. Hmmm...

Seems to me, you might be projecting your own issues on to him.

Friday, March 5, 2010

This is why I don't like to compromise

I always wind up getting screwed. I wanted a steak and cheese sub from my favorite sub place, Steak and Hoagie, where they make AWESOME Philly Cheese subs. But, Matt doesn't like them. He likes Jersey Mikes. Who do not have a philly cheese. So, I said how about Firehouse. There sub is freaking killer as well. He's never eaten there, so no. What he really wanted, was Subway. Them and their $5 footlongs and nothing but bread sandwiches. They have a cheesesteak. I have never tried it. So, I can't bash what I do not know, right? My sub is simple:

White bread
Mayo on the the bread
extra provolone
light oil and vinegar

Apparently, Subway doesn't do mushrooms. OK... Well, they had already started making it when he called, so nothing I could do.

Apparently, they can't put hardly any mayo on the sub either, and I don't know if they touched it with O/V, since the sub looked dry as hell. Oh, and did I mention that the cheese wasn't even melted?

Needless to say, I sure as hell didn't waste the PMS calories on eating some piece of crap sub. Next time, I should just be a bitch and tell him to eat where *I* want. Who cares if he doesn't like it. I compromised and it kicked me in the ass. I hate Subway, and he knows it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Potholes and Ice Machines

I don't know if the people running the town I live in are considered crazy, or if they are just plain stupid. I think I might want to go with both. Though, either way, we, the people, have elected people who are seriously out of touch with reality.

The conditions of the roads in my town are awful. Busy roads are lined with potholes, side roads are too small for two cars to pass, there is not a single road in the town that isn't in horrible condition. And all they can do is patch it, until the next rain storm, when the holes and cracks open right back up. It seems they waste more money patching it, than they would if they actually fixed it.

Yet, for some reason, the safety of the people who put them in office is not their main concern. Their main concern is how to make the towns ice vending machines look prettier. Now, stand alone ice machines are not pretty. Here is one:

Ugly right? They want to make them pretty. I can kind of get this. The only one I can think of, is in the middle of a parking lot where we have a Dollar General, CiCis' Pizza, the local newspaper, and an urban clothing store. Let's not even discuss the condition of that parking lot. It's not the city's responsibility, that one belongs to the guy who owns the property.

This said, how the hell can this be at the top of their agenda? What were they thinking? Can we not waste the money on planting flowers in a parking lot? Instead, spend the money widening roads? Repaving roads? Finding ways to bring jobs to our community? Or, how about even our schools?

I am really starting to hate this town and their messed up priorities.