Friday, April 27, 2012

Cover? I don't need no stinkin cover!

Here is the new link to vote for Asher!!!! 

Asher sleeps with me.  I know, I know.  Co-sleeping is awful and all that.  So is falling asleep from sheer exhaustion because your child won't sleep.  So, last night, I wake up SOAKED.  Why?  Apparently my dear darling husband thought Ash could go without a cover over the prefold all night.  I am here to say that's not going to work out very well.

"There's no way I didn't put a cover on!  It must have fallen off!" Yes dear, it fell off and walked back to the changing table.  Told you covers were awesome!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dear Parents Magazine

When you run a contest you should have all the kinks worked out.  What amazes me is that you guys were doing fine during the other weeks of the contest, but for some reason, this week, OUR WEEK, it's been plagued by nothing but problems.  Broken links and giving links to the WRONG child.  Then saying "Oh, it's fixed, here is your link, but it changes daily, so check your email!"  and still sending me the link to the WRONG child.  So then, friends scroll to find my child, vote, only to later find out that this was screwed up too, and they were voting for the wrong child AGAIN. 

Here's today's supposedly fixed link.  Can't hurt to try I guess?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yes, I do think my son is adorable

See that picture up there?  Click on it.  I entered Asher into the Parent Magazine Cover contest, and we think that he is the most adorable baby in the world of course (we might be a bit biased of course).  You can vote daily, which would be totally awesomely radical if you would (I have 80's themes stuck in my head.  You can tell by my girls side ponytails)

Yes, I know I haven't been around since JANUARY.  Bad blogger.  BAD BAD BAD!  I blame the Kindle.  It's really hard to type on that thing without spelling errors, and I hate looking stupid.  Or I hit x instead of my space bar on it, soxthexsentencexlooksxlikexthis.  Annoying, right?