Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dear Parents Magazine

When you run a contest you should have all the kinks worked out.  What amazes me is that you guys were doing fine during the other weeks of the contest, but for some reason, this week, OUR WEEK, it's been plagued by nothing but problems.  Broken links and giving links to the WRONG child.  Then saying "Oh, it's fixed, here is your link, but it changes daily, so check your email!"  and still sending me the link to the WRONG child.  So then, friends scroll to find my child, vote, only to later find out that this was screwed up too, and they were voting for the wrong child AGAIN. 

Here's today's supposedly fixed link.  Can't hurt to try I guess?

1 comment:

kathy said...

im getting frustrated too. today again the link to my baby shows a different child... again! its the 3rd dya it has happened to me. it was working this morning then after 9am its already displaying a different child. hope they work the issue out, its really frustrating.