Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

"Mommy, is the tooth fairy real?", Alice whispered in my ear late yesterday morning. Just a few weeks before we had finally let her know, after constant questions, that Santa wasn't real. She figured out on her own that the Easter Bunny was a total fake. A giant furry bunny hopping around in your house? I would shoot it and we would be having bunny soup for weeks. That thing is terrifying. I thought after finding out about Santa, the rest would fall in place, but being my daughter, she still needed confirmation.

"What do you think Alice?", I reply to her. She stops to think for a moment, and responds "That wasn't really an answer mommy". It's my turn to pause, trying to come up with an answer that will satisfy her curiosity. "OK Alice, let me put it this way. As long as you believe that she is real, she's real. The moment you stop believing in something, it will cease to exist" My daughters face scrunches up and a long suffering sigh pours from her lips.

"THAT makes NO sense Mommy. OK, fine, DOGS don't exist. Oh look! Ziva's still here."

On that note, my sweet, sarcastic, dramatic 7yr old walks out of the room and calls for her younger sister to come play stuffed animals. I smile, knowing I have 4 minutes of peace before one of them comes screaming that "She ____________ me!!!!!"

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's about time these kids started pulling their weight!

Thumbelina and Alice always want to help me cook. I am super anal about cooking and my kitchen, it makes me cringe. I'm such a bad mommy! :p Today, I am making meatloaf, and said "what the hell!" and let Thumbelina dig in! (I tried this once with Alice, she took one look and walked away. LoL)





Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dear Hotel Water Pressure

PLEASE COME HOME WITH ME! I will give you what ever you ask for, just follow me two hours south west.

We are in Blowing Rock, 5 seconds outside of Boone, enjoying the hard beds of the Holiday Inn Express. We are in a suite. Why are we here? Matts' mom is at a friends wedding and didn't want to come up alone. She went to the wedding, we went to the pool. This is where I met a sweet little Hawaiian girl, living in NC with her grandparents. She turned 5 April 9th, she told me, and just finished preschool. She starts Kindergarten next year and seems excited. She had me watching her swim. She is pretty awesome! I guess spending the first 4 years of your life with your parents in Hawaii will do that for you. She was swimming under water, doing handstands, and back flips. Making sure that was watching each and every one of them. She was glued to my hip.

Her grandparents struck up a conversation with us and this amazing 5yr old won 5 medals today in a gymnastics competition. Her FIRST. 3 Bronze and 2 Silver. You might be wondering why this amazing little girl is with her grandparents and not her mom and dad. She moved to NC to live with her mom parents back in December, when both of her parents received their military orders. So this amazing little girls parents are off fighting for our country, and I am truly thankful for them. I know that they are missing their little girl and am glad that my family was given the chance to get to her know her.

Before we left, her grandmother explained to me that she thinks she was drawn to me, because I look like her mother. This is bittersweet to me. I hope I brought her joy, but I wish it was her mother instead of me with her today.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Poisonous... I wonder how hard it is to use non toxic chemicals when making items for the general public consumption (If you want to ship toxic chemicals to my ex, send me an email, I'll send you his address. Kidding. Sort of) I am sitting on the couch, and as I look up, there are Shrek and Boots sitting on the counter. Staring back at me. With these little poisonous grins on their face, as if to say "That's right bitch, you drank out of me" Now, that only sounds completely awesome when done in Mike Meyers Shrek voice. Try it.

According to Mickey D's website, we can return the glasses tomorrow, for a $3 a piece refund, no receipt needed. Which is good, because unless I knowingly buy killer drinking glasses, I usually toss all receipts. What I do wonder about? What about the old Smurf glasses? The Flintstones didn't have paint, they were just a thick "rocky" looking glass. Smurfs were painted on the same as Shreks were. Was McDonalds poisoning us even then? Would our parents have cared the way we do? "Cadmium? Eh, hasn't killed 'em yet! Now, kids, get back out in the road. No you don't need a helmet, you'll look stupid speeding down the hill. I'll see you tonight when you get home."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

100 Push ups

No, not by me. By my 4 year old. Thumbelina came to me this morning and asked if I could count to 100. I told her yes, but that it took a long time. She told me she was doing 100 push ups, and I needed to start counting.

It took 4 hours, but she did them all!!!