Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Poisonous... I wonder how hard it is to use non toxic chemicals when making items for the general public consumption (If you want to ship toxic chemicals to my ex, send me an email, I'll send you his address. Kidding. Sort of) I am sitting on the couch, and as I look up, there are Shrek and Boots sitting on the counter. Staring back at me. With these little poisonous grins on their face, as if to say "That's right bitch, you drank out of me" Now, that only sounds completely awesome when done in Mike Meyers Shrek voice. Try it.

According to Mickey D's website, we can return the glasses tomorrow, for a $3 a piece refund, no receipt needed. Which is good, because unless I knowingly buy killer drinking glasses, I usually toss all receipts. What I do wonder about? What about the old Smurf glasses? The Flintstones didn't have paint, they were just a thick "rocky" looking glass. Smurfs were painted on the same as Shreks were. Was McDonalds poisoning us even then? Would our parents have cared the way we do? "Cadmium? Eh, hasn't killed 'em yet! Now, kids, get back out in the road. No you don't need a helmet, you'll look stupid speeding down the hill. I'll see you tonight when you get home."

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