Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I always said I would be a foster mama...

I just thought I was a talking about humans.  Instead, I wound up with CATS.  My husband LOVES me...  We have 3 foster babies.  They've been here for 20 days now, and they took over the house.

We have Knight

Fish Stick

And Sunflower (aka Sunny)

 Sunny is the runt of the litter, and we almost lost her. Having two older brothers who pushed her out of the way to get their bellies full wasn't good for her.  Luckily, she has 3 girls in this house to help her.  She'll always be tiny (she's half the length of Fish Stick), but she's sweet and snuggly. 

Fish Stick is what I would call the perfect family cat.  He's sweet and loving, but playful too.  The Demanding Prince can terrorize him, and he takes it.  Can't say that about a cat often, right? 

Knight, I like to call him Doctor Evil.  He's what you think of, when you think of cat stereotypes.  He wants nothing to do with you until he wants you.  Then, you better let him sit on your chest.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Asher, the AMAZING pirate!


The Royal Princess has an eye color that I adore.  This picture is from 2010, but the color has intensified even more now.  Of course, I'm writing this at the same time that she's called to let me know that she arrived at the beach safely, so I can't get a recent photo. 

Kind of funny to me that a word used to describe an eye color that swings both ways, incorporates Hetero into it. However, I was excited to find out that her crazy eyes actually have a name!  I'm jealous of my daughters eye color, in a family full of gorgeous brown eyes. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

It's the first day of WHAT?

The heat should have been a dead giveaway that summer was here.  Maybe I was trying to ignore it?  Hoping it would disapear in a portal and spring would exist again in North Carolina?  No such luck.  Spring fled from this state years ago.  If anyone knows where it is, please let me know.  Tell Spring how much I miss her and want her back. 

The kids aren't thrilled with summer either.  For my Princess, it means that we go back to the 60/40 split.  Which is confusing.  For the Drama Tween, it means she's still ground for the Facebook debacle.  The debacle where she had a secret FB account for 5 months, with the help of a neighbor.  She's now banned from all electronics.  To see the eyeroll when you yell at her to drop her brothers Leappad...  It's majestic.  The majestic eyeroll of scorn!  I'll take it as a badge of honor.  If you're not rolling your eyes, I'm screwing something up.  

Both the girls were accepted into the brand new charter school here.  I was screaming with glee over the fact that they no longer have to attend school in this district anymore.  I think we have the worst district in the state.  Or at least Tweens is the worst school.  With a principal who tells me that a child threatening to physically harm my daughter is protected by freedom of speech, who can blame me for thinking that? 

The Demanding Prince is demanding as always.  It's worth it though, when he smiles, hugs you, and kisses you.  His sisters adore him more every day, and that's something that keeps a smile on my face.  For now.  One day, he'll become that annoying little brother, but for now, he's sweetness and love. 

Me?  I'm just counting down the days to the Disney trip.