Friday, December 31, 2010

Great Way To End 2010

December 30, 2010: Spent with Christie and my friend Joseph. I hadn't seen Joe in 9 years. I cooked dinner for them and we had a pretty good night talking and laughing about the past and the present.

December 31, 2010: Spent the day with the woman who was like a mom to me and the girl who was my sister growing up. They got to meet Alice (Thumbelina is with her dad for the weekend). It was wonderful. Though 10 years have passed, it felt like no time at all. Honorary mama hasn't changed a bit, and Twin has grown up to be so beautiful (well, she always was). Her kids are adorable. Her oldest is just like mine, her carbon copy.

So, as I ring in 2011 tonight, I will remember my past. And those who helped shaped my future.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Get My News From My Online Friends

You know my friends who live in the cyber world?

Today one of them linked this article. In case you don't click random links in blog posts, the gist is this, Man suspects wife of cheating, checks her email, finds out wife is a whore cheating on him with her 2nd husband. 2nd husband beat wife in front of her young child, so current husband forwards the information to whore's 1st husband, and the 1st husband goes after the wife for custody as she's putting their child in a dangerous situation. Again.

This is all fine, until they learn how 1st husband got the information. Now current husband (well, now he's an ex. Divorce was finalized last month) is waiting to go on trial for hacking. Yes, that's right. He's looking a 5 years in prison for looking at his whore wife's emails.

This doesn't sit right with me. Mostly because I do not believe you have a reasonable absolute right to privacy in a marriage. It's like your job. If you are looking up porn, they know. It's not just your work computer, it's the companies computer. Same goes for the house. It's your personal computer, but I'm betting it's household funds who bought it.

She's a whore, and she still fucked him.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas To All

(It's a scan, so the quality isn't great.)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Caraway Baby Jesus

I am Caraway ~Caraway Jesus

I was at Hobby Lobby with the family recently, picking out our annual Christmas ornaments (wound up getting them at Kohls), when I noticed their giant nativity set. Poor baby Jesus looked like someone had kicked a hole into his head. I was pointing it out to my husband, when I suddenly noticed how shockingly WHITE Jesus and his fellow nativity friends were. I'm talking never seen the sun white. Baby Jesus had some seriously rosy cheeks (I suspect Nativity Mary broke out some rouge. Jezebel). Baby Jesus was lying in the manger, chubby cheeked, blonde haired, and big blue eyes.

"Um.... Wait a minute".... <---- That's the thought that went through my head as I giggled. I mentioned it to Matt, thinking it was hilarious. "Jesus wasn't white" I giggled. I noticed two women looking at me funny, and figured they thought I was making fun of how holy Jesus was from someone kicking the back of the head. Feeling slightly ashamed that someone would think that, we continued to walk off. When the two women thought I was out of ear shot, I overheard them discussing the Mexican saying baby Jesus wasn't white. I turned around with a brilliant smile on my face and called to the "well, he wasn't!" I thought I was about to have to throw down in Hobby Lobby. "Mexican kicks middle aged white woman's ass" would have been the headline. Except... I'm not Mexican. Idiots. Yes, I know I know. We don't know for sure what Jesus looked like. However, we do know the area he was born and lived. We also know his family fled to Egypt to hide. So, putting that information together, it's extremely doubtful that Jesus was Anglo Saxon. Sorry if this is upsetting. I was discussing this on one of my mommy boards, and a friend of mine, Rosalie (maybe I've mentioned her? Once or twice?), said that Jesus was Caraway. The favorite color of any respectable BHB mom.

So, God bless the sweet caraway baby Jesus. And yes, his hair was Tobacco Road. How did you know?


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I'm still here. Holidays are busy even when I'm not baking up a storm. For now, I'll leave you with this random photo.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Special thanks goes out to a certain BHM mama for finding our final Santa gift. With the Stuff for Stuff club money and a free shipping code, I was able to get Alice's final present for only $.78. Total bargain WIN right there.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jaws Has Become Reality?

I'm scared of sharks. Not that I've ever noticed being in the water with a shark, but I'm always afraid it will happen. I've seen jaws one too many time I guess. I've decided (even after living a year in Myrtle Beach) that I'll mostly stick to land, as long as they stick to the water. Seems fair.

Today I came across this story. Over in the Red Sea, 5 people have been attacked by what they now acknowledge is the same shark. They didn't name the shark, but say it's a migratory one. I'm assuming the shark isn't being named to protect the species. You don't want crazies out there killing all the sharks they can just because it's a certain breed.

All I know is that one freak incident is enough to convince me that the water is still dark. And terrifying. Even if it is more realistic that I would be killed by a cow.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Y'all are 8 and 5. LOOK LIKE IT!

I took these for the Christmas card this year. My babies look so much older to me in them!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rest In Peace Ms. Edwards

I'm sorry I couldn't bring myself to write Mrs. I feel you deserved so much better than that. You were a beautiful woman. A woman who is a credit to women everywhere. We can only strive to reach the grace that you have had since being thrust into the spotlight of America.

You will be missed.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

And So This Is Christmas...











Dear Children Of The World

If your family is poor, or for some reason, you find yourself in foster care, it's time to stop believing in magic and start being realistic. You are not entitled to Christmas. How dare you ask for anything that you don't NEED. Greedy brats.

For good measure, I'm heading down to the shelter to kick puppies. Anyone want to join me for that?

*This post is brought to you by Sarcasm

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Ugliest Jacket The Whole Wide World

Or at least she would have you think so with the way she screamed, moaned, and cried over having to wear it in 28 degree weather. Apparently, it's not cold at all! However, she still wants to take a sweater to wear in class since she gets cold sitting here. Wait, what? The school keeps it below 28 degrees?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

If You Are Easily Offended...

Cover your eyes and run away screaming now.

Princess Sparkle Butterfly Thumbelina

'Nuff Said.

(yes, that's what she changed her name to in real life)