Thursday, December 23, 2010

Caraway Baby Jesus

I am Caraway ~Caraway Jesus

I was at Hobby Lobby with the family recently, picking out our annual Christmas ornaments (wound up getting them at Kohls), when I noticed their giant nativity set. Poor baby Jesus looked like someone had kicked a hole into his head. I was pointing it out to my husband, when I suddenly noticed how shockingly WHITE Jesus and his fellow nativity friends were. I'm talking never seen the sun white. Baby Jesus had some seriously rosy cheeks (I suspect Nativity Mary broke out some rouge. Jezebel). Baby Jesus was lying in the manger, chubby cheeked, blonde haired, and big blue eyes.

"Um.... Wait a minute".... <---- That's the thought that went through my head as I giggled. I mentioned it to Matt, thinking it was hilarious. "Jesus wasn't white" I giggled. I noticed two women looking at me funny, and figured they thought I was making fun of how holy Jesus was from someone kicking the back of the head. Feeling slightly ashamed that someone would think that, we continued to walk off. When the two women thought I was out of ear shot, I overheard them discussing the Mexican saying baby Jesus wasn't white. I turned around with a brilliant smile on my face and called to the "well, he wasn't!" I thought I was about to have to throw down in Hobby Lobby. "Mexican kicks middle aged white woman's ass" would have been the headline. Except... I'm not Mexican. Idiots. Yes, I know I know. We don't know for sure what Jesus looked like. However, we do know the area he was born and lived. We also know his family fled to Egypt to hide. So, putting that information together, it's extremely doubtful that Jesus was Anglo Saxon. Sorry if this is upsetting. I was discussing this on one of my mommy boards, and a friend of mine, Rosalie (maybe I've mentioned her? Once or twice?), said that Jesus was Caraway. The favorite color of any respectable BHB mom.

So, God bless the sweet caraway baby Jesus. And yes, his hair was Tobacco Road. How did you know?


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