Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Get My News From My Online Friends

You know my friends who live in the cyber world?

Today one of them linked this article. In case you don't click random links in blog posts, the gist is this, Man suspects wife of cheating, checks her email, finds out wife is a whore cheating on him with her 2nd husband. 2nd husband beat wife in front of her young child, so current husband forwards the information to whore's 1st husband, and the 1st husband goes after the wife for custody as she's putting their child in a dangerous situation. Again.

This is all fine, until they learn how 1st husband got the information. Now current husband (well, now he's an ex. Divorce was finalized last month) is waiting to go on trial for hacking. Yes, that's right. He's looking a 5 years in prison for looking at his whore wife's emails.

This doesn't sit right with me. Mostly because I do not believe you have a reasonable absolute right to privacy in a marriage. It's like your job. If you are looking up porn, they know. It's not just your work computer, it's the companies computer. Same goes for the house. It's your personal computer, but I'm betting it's household funds who bought it.

She's a whore, and she still fucked him.

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