Friday, December 10, 2010

Jaws Has Become Reality?

I'm scared of sharks. Not that I've ever noticed being in the water with a shark, but I'm always afraid it will happen. I've seen jaws one too many time I guess. I've decided (even after living a year in Myrtle Beach) that I'll mostly stick to land, as long as they stick to the water. Seems fair.

Today I came across this story. Over in the Red Sea, 5 people have been attacked by what they now acknowledge is the same shark. They didn't name the shark, but say it's a migratory one. I'm assuming the shark isn't being named to protect the species. You don't want crazies out there killing all the sharks they can just because it's a certain breed.

All I know is that one freak incident is enough to convince me that the water is still dark. And terrifying. Even if it is more realistic that I would be killed by a cow.

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