Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

"Mommy, is the tooth fairy real?", Alice whispered in my ear late yesterday morning. Just a few weeks before we had finally let her know, after constant questions, that Santa wasn't real. She figured out on her own that the Easter Bunny was a total fake. A giant furry bunny hopping around in your house? I would shoot it and we would be having bunny soup for weeks. That thing is terrifying. I thought after finding out about Santa, the rest would fall in place, but being my daughter, she still needed confirmation.

"What do you think Alice?", I reply to her. She stops to think for a moment, and responds "That wasn't really an answer mommy". It's my turn to pause, trying to come up with an answer that will satisfy her curiosity. "OK Alice, let me put it this way. As long as you believe that she is real, she's real. The moment you stop believing in something, it will cease to exist" My daughters face scrunches up and a long suffering sigh pours from her lips.

"THAT makes NO sense Mommy. OK, fine, DOGS don't exist. Oh look! Ziva's still here."

On that note, my sweet, sarcastic, dramatic 7yr old walks out of the room and calls for her younger sister to come play stuffed animals. I smile, knowing I have 4 minutes of peace before one of them comes screaming that "She ____________ me!!!!!"

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