Sunday, March 14, 2010

It hurts every where :(

I decided to clean house today. And 5 minutes into that, I realized that my husband wasn't going to be much help, so when the phone call from Alice's best friends dad came, I was ready to kick them out of the house. Call it the best thing to happen all day. They all met at the park, giving me free reign of the house, without getting pissed that he was watching TV in the bedroom, while I bitched in the kitchen for him to shut off the fucking television.

I was able to get the kitchen and living room clean, most of the clothes washed and put away (there is another small kids load in the dryer, a load of towels in the washer, and a small load of towels waiting. It's 10:54pm, so, I am pretty satisfied). Also, I was able to switch out the winter wardrobes for the girls and I. I currently have 4 hangers left, and all the clothes in the house are clean, which means that I have nothing to really hang up the clothes in the dryer... Oops... Guess all the clothes in the house have never been cleaned all at once! (This deserves a long back massage, right?)

Now, in my earlier Matt bashing, I didn't mention that when he came home, he swept the floor for me, so I could mop. So, he deserves a glass of water, don't you think?

Tomorrow I do the bathrooms, and I have threatened the children about what I will do with their toys if they don't get their bedroom and playroom looking AWESOME. Let's see how well that works.

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