Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am not crazy, my life is not Twilight

Matt and I went looking for him a new pair of shoes today. We stopped by FYE, where I took pictures with Edward and Jacob. Matt says it looks like I am grabbing Edwards boob. Jacob is leaning away from me, I am assuming it's because I was just all over Edward and he didn't like the vampire smell. I would upload the photos, but my computer is missing the fucking SD slot, and Matt's is broken, so the photos are stuck on his damn phone.

My sister called me to borrow a dress and wanted to ask if we had a "date" to see Eclipse together. Well, duh. When I told Matt he didn't have to go with me this next time, he says "Why not? It'll break tradition, so I'm going. Got to see how it ends now. Sure as hell not reading the books"

My husband secretly loves Twilight. He'll never admit it.

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