Thursday, March 4, 2010

Potholes and Ice Machines

I don't know if the people running the town I live in are considered crazy, or if they are just plain stupid. I think I might want to go with both. Though, either way, we, the people, have elected people who are seriously out of touch with reality.

The conditions of the roads in my town are awful. Busy roads are lined with potholes, side roads are too small for two cars to pass, there is not a single road in the town that isn't in horrible condition. And all they can do is patch it, until the next rain storm, when the holes and cracks open right back up. It seems they waste more money patching it, than they would if they actually fixed it.

Yet, for some reason, the safety of the people who put them in office is not their main concern. Their main concern is how to make the towns ice vending machines look prettier. Now, stand alone ice machines are not pretty. Here is one:

Ugly right? They want to make them pretty. I can kind of get this. The only one I can think of, is in the middle of a parking lot where we have a Dollar General, CiCis' Pizza, the local newspaper, and an urban clothing store. Let's not even discuss the condition of that parking lot. It's not the city's responsibility, that one belongs to the guy who owns the property.

This said, how the hell can this be at the top of their agenda? What were they thinking? Can we not waste the money on planting flowers in a parking lot? Instead, spend the money widening roads? Repaving roads? Finding ways to bring jobs to our community? Or, how about even our schools?

I am really starting to hate this town and their messed up priorities.

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