Friday, February 26, 2010

22 years ago...

Or 22.5 years ago I guess. I remember our Kindergarten readers showing solar panels on top of peoples houses. This had just started, the whole trying to harness other sources of energy. At they time, I truly thought that when I grew older, solar panels would be on top of every home, helping all of Americans.

Of course, I was wrong. I have never seen solar panels on a house in real life. And until today, it never actually made me sad. Today, I want to cry over it. We know, for a fact, that solar panels work. That windmills work. So why are we not using them? What, are we afraid our roofs won't look pretty? What if I bedazzle it for you? Our landscapes will be ruined by windmills? I don't think Holland agrees! ;) Plus, I have seen pictures of windmills all in a row. It's beautiful.

There are my musings for the day. I went to bed last night with a fever of 103.0. And while there is no fever today, I am still hot as hell, and pissed that another head cold attacked me, when I just got over the other one.


Becky said...

I have told Sam repeatedly that we are getting solar panels and a turbine when we build my dream cabin. Absolutely. There's no good reason for these not to be utilized by more people. Well, they are expensive, but there need to be more incentive programs for using them.

Anonymous said...

I dont have $20k laying around to install solar panels. Now, if the energy company wants to pay to install them Id be all over it. I could care less about pretty.