Saturday, February 20, 2010

Open Letter to Alice's School

Do you people have a single brain in your head? I have already noticed that you are a crappy school and wishing I had lied to keep my daughter in her old school. Instead, I did the honest thing and put her in our district when we moved. And I have regretted that choice ever since.

While the last school was considered failing by not having the right number of students pass the test, this school was on it's first year of not having that issue. I was happy with this, thinking that it meant the school was great. I was WRONG. It's because your school does nothing but teach the test. That's it. Leaving students who are ahead to get screwed by sitting on the sidelines while you make sure No Child Gets Left Behind.

Now, to the reason I have publicly decided to come out and tell you how idiotic you all are. The state math competition is an awesome thing. And I am happy that my Alice was picked. And even happier that she she is the captain of her 2nd grade team. I do have to ask however, who in their right mind came up with the name Mathbaters? I think that teacher hit the bong a few too many times.

But I digress. That right there is a reason to laugh, not to want to throw bricks at skulls. My anger stems from what you people are offering these children for BREAKFAST. You graciously let us know you will be providing breakfast, and send home a menu that our children get to pick from:

2 Donuts w/Coffee...............$3.50
2 Donuts w/Soft Drink........$3.50
1 Donut..................................$1.25
Popcorn w/drink..................$3.00

Excuse me if I am wrong, but you are taking students, from your school, and jacking them up on sugar and caffeine, right before they are to compete in an academic competition? REALLY? How about asking all parents to send $5.00 so the kids can go to Denny's a get a freaking Grand Slam? As awful as that is, it's HEALTHIER than your options. Once again, I am back to the thought that a teacher must have hit that bong a little bit to hard. There is no other excuse.

I think I will feed my daughter on my own. Thank you, but no thanks.

Now I want a damn donut.


Anonymous said...

That looks more like the choices for parents and teachers than a bunch of 2nd graders. Disgusting! And people wonder why obesity is an epidemic.

Bonnie said...

That is absolutely ridiculous!

Bonnie said...

I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award=) Check out my blog for more details=)