Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Behead a Saint Day

"Remember that Saint Valentine was beaten with clubs and stones, and then beheaded. Whomever associated this holiday with love was into some serious S&M."

I cheered up half of my Facebook friends with that thought yesterday. Matt made me a beautiful card. Yes, he drew me a card! Much better than anything that Hallmark could make. I also received tulips. Potted tulips, so they won't die. :)

When I was a little girl still living with my parents in Charlotte, there where tulips in the front yard. We had this area that was full of trees and had these two rocks, that made what I would assume was the school desk Fred Flintstone used. The tulips were in that spot. It was awesome. The new owners ripped it all up. Idiots. I am going to plant our tulips in the front of our yard. Our house has a similar spot.

Matt and I were able to make it out, the snow was a soft powder that melted fast. Before Alice went to MIL's house though, we baked a beautiful Valentines Day cake. 3 layers, filled with cream cheese icing, and covered with purple butter-cream. Alice did all the decorating! She was so happy with her final product.


After dropping Alice off with Matts mom, we headed over to the guys. Where I completely enjoyed my first night out in months! Originally we were going to grill out and then head for bowling, but we were having so much fun, we just stayed in. We did grill out steaks and shrimp. We made corn and pintos, rolls and baked potatoes. Best. Valentines Day. EVER!


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Can't wait until your Easter post.

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