Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 SuperBowl Highlights

First off, WTF Budweiser? Where the hell is my damn donkey?

Commercials to Mention:

  • Dog Shock Collar-Doritos
  • Keep Your Hands Off My Mama!-Doritos
  • Gibbs Slap replaces the Handshake-NCIS
  • Playing Like Betty White-Snickers
  • Mr. Burns loses everything-Coke
  • Human Bridge-Budweiser
  • Oprah, Letterman, and Leno- Late Show
  • Brett Farve 2020 MVP-Hyundai
  • Office Bitch gets dead box flowers- Teleflora
  • OMG, Barney did WHAT?-How I Met Your Mother (Call 1-877-987-6401. Seriously. Call it)
  • Google for Life-Google Commercial (you have to see this to understand how awesome it truly is)
  • Bull and Clydesdale BFF's-Budweiser

The New Volkswagen Punch Commercial gets a special mention for not only bringing up the old “punch bug” game (which Matt and I still play), but for being totally unremarkable in every way, until Stevie Wonder punches Tracy Morgan and says “red one” leaving Tracy Morgan to wonder how he does it.

CBS Care about Women-Sorry, but the commercial left me wanting to know more, but irritated that it didn't explain. “Ladies, your heart attack symptoms are different than ours. We cared enough to tell you that. If you want to know HOW, Google it bitch”

Clothing Optional Commercials- Dockers, Career Builder

BARGAIN OF THE DAY: Tuesday is FREE Grand Slam Day at Denny's. From 6am-2pm

Justin and Janet, I just want to say Thank You. I hope you heard the fact that this was dripping with Sarcasm. Since your “stunt” half time shows have been full of people that I know, but could honestly care less to see. And I hear that next year, it's going to be The Eagles? Really? All we are getting now are people and bands who were popular when my parents were young?

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