Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All right, I need a pill to stop dreams

This has gone far enough, and I am sick and tired of it. These dreams are so damned vivid. Luckily, I know that it's due to watching a video of a friends infant, seeing another friends ultrasound photos (which, D, congrats!), and seeing another mother get a surprise positive pee stick.

So, I just need to stay away from babies, pregnant women, and pregnancy tests. That should be easy!

This dream had me at a dinner party with Matts family and my father and his family. Also, Natalie and Rosalie where there as well. Don't ask what the part was for! It started off with us talking about a pregnancy test that not only told you if you were pregnant, but the gender as well. (Of course, this was pink for girl and blue for boy. One line)

For some reason, I happened to have a cup of pee sitting in my car, so I went out, and used a dollar store test. Of course, being my dream, IT'S A 2 LINER! So, I go back in, and everyone is wondering where I have been, but the only person I am looking for is Matt.

And then I wake up, and slowly remember, I am NOT pregnant.

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Joy said...

I have the same dreams whenever I've been around someone who is pregnant.

I hate that sinking realization the next morning... although, really I am thankful it isn't me.