Friday, March 5, 2010

This is why I don't like to compromise

I always wind up getting screwed. I wanted a steak and cheese sub from my favorite sub place, Steak and Hoagie, where they make AWESOME Philly Cheese subs. But, Matt doesn't like them. He likes Jersey Mikes. Who do not have a philly cheese. So, I said how about Firehouse. There sub is freaking killer as well. He's never eaten there, so no. What he really wanted, was Subway. Them and their $5 footlongs and nothing but bread sandwiches. They have a cheesesteak. I have never tried it. So, I can't bash what I do not know, right? My sub is simple:

White bread
Mayo on the the bread
extra provolone
light oil and vinegar

Apparently, Subway doesn't do mushrooms. OK... Well, they had already started making it when he called, so nothing I could do.

Apparently, they can't put hardly any mayo on the sub either, and I don't know if they touched it with O/V, since the sub looked dry as hell. Oh, and did I mention that the cheese wasn't even melted?

Needless to say, I sure as hell didn't waste the PMS calories on eating some piece of crap sub. Next time, I should just be a bitch and tell him to eat where *I* want. Who cares if he doesn't like it. I compromised and it kicked me in the ass. I hate Subway, and he knows it.


Brandie said...

I hate Subway too!

Cara said...

Subway sucks...

Amy B. said...

Philly cheese "sub" sounds so funny to me, being from the Philadelphia area. :) It's a Philadelphia Cheesesteak- and hoagies! Not heros, not subs, hoagies! lol

I too hate Subway. It's all over-processed junk. Blah.

Amy B. said...

I would also like to add that we just call them "cheesesteaks" 'round these

In case you're wondering where this crazy ranting woman came from, it was the BabyCenter boards. :o)

Princess Peaches said...

:D I call them Cheesesteaks depending on where I am ordering them from. Some would look at me like I am crazy.