Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life, Interrupted

Things have been... Busy. Thumbelina needs a new bed. She is currently in a toddler and will be 5 in October. The bed might have lasted that long for her, but Alice thought they should jump on it, and they broke a slat. We took this as a sign to replace it. So we have been pricing them. And it's headache inducing.

Alice decided that she hated her daybed. It's wooden, 20 years old, great construction, and it has hearts carved in it. The bed is beautiful.
Photobucket Which, apparently doesn't matter, she hates it. And if Thumbelina gets a new bed, it's not fair and it means we don't love her as much.

Or, at least, it means that in her head, which led to a massive pout. So, today I told her I was going to sell her bed on Craigslist. Her eyes got really wide. I took pictures and showed them to her and she burst into tears. Why? Alice has decided to wait until she's 12 to revisit the subject of getting a new bed. She gave no explanation, but I think she must have some type of attachment, and at least realizes mommy is willing to compromise. (selling her bed to finance a new one)

Crisis resolved. Until she is 12. Or until Thumbelinas new bed arrives...

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