Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Curious Case of Benjamin Brown Egg

Today has been a really long day, from returning furniture after a store screwed it up, to seeing my mother for the first time in a year and a half. Then realizing that it will be the last time.

I smelled the alcohol in her breath. Don't get me wrong, she looks to be doing better. She's actually wearing her hearing aids, and was coherent, but I could smell the alcohol in her breath. Whether it's because she needed "liquid courage" or not, one drink, one SIP, is not going to work for me. She's an alcoholic. It's all or nothing.

The rest of our day involved us running. Home Depot for paint samples? CHECK! Even found the perfect color! Badcock to return the bed? CHECK! Shopping for capris that no store had in my size? CHECK!

Oh? You want to know more? Badcock. With a name like that, you would think your company would try hard to look good. Apparently, this is not the case. Last week we ordered Thumbelinas bed through them. We even pointed to the picture in their book. Yesterday, we got the call that it came in, and Matt went to pick it up. We bought the mattresses, and today went to set it up. It's the wrong bed. >:( So, of course we took it back up there. While walking in the front doors, another person cut me and my kids off, PUSHING us out of the way. It was a fucking employee. Yes, an employee pushed customers out of her way, while they were walking in the door. Apparently, she couldn't wait an extra 2 seconds to enter the door herself.

We were able to return the bed, and luckily they had the right one in stock, but do you know, we didn't even get an apology? All the MANAGER could say is "that guys an idiot". Well, so are you Fred, and this is the last time I deal with your company.

On to shopping for my Capris. I went to Lane Bryant, Maurices, Cato, Its Fashion, Target and Kohls. I walked away with one pair of shorts and one pair of jeans that were 50% off. Not one place had any capris in stock in my size. Most of them only had 1-4 pairs total! People, it's 87 degrees outside, STOCK UP. Fat people need clothes too. We are the last thing people want to see running around naked due to the lack of clothes. I was in tears today.

FYI Target: You are assholes for putting the fat clothes next to the maternity clothes. ASSHOLES. I am not the only one who thinks so. Another woman and her thin daughter totally agreed with me.

After the stressful day, Matt, the girls, and I finally made it home. And we were so glad. Thumbelina started pitching a loud fit while I was in the dressing room at Kohls, I was naked and couldn't get to her, and it's all because Matt told her no. She was so loud that security came over, eyed Matt up and down, and then said "everything's alright" in to her walkie. Matts' nerves were shot after that one.

Now, what does the title have to do with ANYTHING in this entire post? We dyed eggs tonight. Awesomely I might add. I decided to use my food colorings on them and save $1.00. It was a neat experiment and I found that my high grade food colorings are better to color with than the liquid food colorings.

Those turned out lovely, right? Well, my first attempt was with the liquid colors. I mixed red and blue for a pretty purple. The egg turned brown. You would think we would hate it, but we all fell in love with the egg that looks like hardwood. Even the girls!

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Amy B. said...

I totally hear you on Target!!! I was so pissed the last time I went in there for clothes. Back corner of the store, hardly anything (compared to when I last went), hiding behind maternity and weird sizing. I was in tears. I too am on the lookout for capris. I just can't deal with shorts. These are two good possibilities: and Haven't ordered them yet though.

The eggs turned out great!