Sunday, April 11, 2010

At least I'm not Church Donuts!

I have awesome friends. Yes, they live in my computer, and people can make fun of that, but these are friends who will always listen and give good advice, and call you when you really need someone. They will even travel to your house to see you get married.

I allowed my mother to come over on Easter. First time we have seen her since Christmas of 2008. Things went bad, and from that day, got drastically worse, to the point that now my sister will be getting a restraining order against her.

I posted the entire embarrassing "how did I come from this woman" story on my private board to my friends. They all gave such sound advice, and one of them even gave me a new catch phrase for fucking psycho.

Donuts in a church/preschool parking lot... Tina, how did you end up so balanced? So responsible? So NOT church donuts?

So, at least I'm not church donuts!


Anonymous said...

Crack me up! I love that.

One Love Mama said...

Oh come on share the story!