Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why do you think you're better than me?

It's a sad realization that women are their own worst enemies. Not to themselves, but to their fellow woman. Men tend to not judge, trash, and bring down their own as hard as we do. They do it, but not to the frequency. They aren't going to judge a dad who drinks a beer or takes a day to themselves. Women? We will call that woman a whore who shouldn't have kids.

I can think of 4 reasons that I am a bad mom this morning.
  1. Kids woke up before me
  2. I waited until 9:30 to get out of bed and cook french toast
  3. The kids are in the backyard playing and I am not with them
  4. it's Saturday, but I am still a SAHM
That's just 4 simple things. Let's not discuss the fact that since one child is a friend sleeping over, I let them turn on the Wii before 12pm. ;)

Seriously though, why is it that women judge themselves in comparison to other women? Stay at home moms are lazy fat freaks whose husbands obviously cheat on them. Working moms are horrible mothers who obviously can't stand their kids and should never of had them.

Moms whose kids know who Blue from Blues Clues or Miley from Hannah Montana are horrible lazy moms who let the TV babysit the kids. Moms who don't allow their kids to watch TV are denying their child their childhood and are obviously tyrants.

The list can go on and on. Where does it stop? When do we stop putting down other moms to make ourselves feel better about our own possibly inadequate child rearing choices? I admit, I judge too! I try not to judge harshly, but if I see your child acting like a brat and you still give into their every whim, I think to myself "no wonder". It's not right. I shouldn't do it, but do I hate that mom? Do I talk trash about her to other moms? NO. Because, in the end, she's coping the best that SHE knows how. And I am bad for judging. At least I admit that I do it.

I am sure there are those who judge me when they see me explaining to my daughter that she can't have seconds and she whines that she's still hungry. I know my daughter. I know she's not still hungry. I also know that their are medical reasons that she can't have seconds after a full meal. Of course, the woman at table 3 giving me the evil eye doesn't, and it makes me feel like crap.

It's not just moms either. It's women with no children, high school girls, middle school girls, and sadly, even elementary school girls. Where do you think they learn this behavior? From you. Their mother. The woman who raises them and teaches them values and manners. So maybe we should try just a bit harder to teach our kids that it's not right. Maybe one day, women will actually support each other.

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Bonnie said...

Amen Peaches!