Sunday, May 20, 2012


We've got a roller! Yoshi started rolling over on both sides a month ago, but the other day realized he can roll where he wants to go! Crap. Time to baby proof this house. I am slacker mom. Totally should have donenthis already. So, our family has started attending church. I like it, I do. However I find myself conflicted. What do I do if they start bashing gay rights? Walk out in the middle of service? I have done it before. Sadly, the kids like this one. And so do I. They mentioned the show Modern Family. Mentioned all the families in it. Didn't preach the gay fathers were wrong. So I canncross my fingers in hope! Also, Blog updating from a kindle sucks. Hence the lack of Blog posts. Yoshi is my appendage, so I don't get to the laptop often.

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