Monday, November 5, 2012

Bigtime, the city of 1,000 superheroes

Years ago, I was in a used book store and I grabbed a free bookmark they were giving out. It had a cute girl on the cover wearing a black dress and was called Jinx. "Huh, looks like it could be interesting" I thought, but quickly forgot as life moved on. Until a few weeks later, when I was in another bookstore (the now closed Borders). They had it right up front, like they were daring me to spend yet another $8.00 on a book. Damn it. They know me too well! I'm an easy mark. I quickly fell in love with the character of Bella Bulluci and the deviliciously dashing Debonair and it left me craving more. I HAD to know the background of Carmen Cole and the Fiery Fiona Fine. So I wound up back at Borders the very next day, spending another $16.00. Let's not discuss the insane amount of books I own, OK? I quickly fell in love with Carmen. A reporter who, on her wedding day, finds her fiance Matt and her best friend Karen, in bed together. Yet that's not the most distressing part. She also finds out that her fiance is the towns resident superhero and her best friend for life is the towns resident ubervillian! Talk about 50 shades of betrayed. Of course, this is the plot line that leads her straight to Bigtime, New York, and straight into the path of The Terrible Triad and The Fearless Five. And straight into the scorn of Same Sloane and the protection of the super sexy Striker. I'm a huge lover of superhero plot lines and strong women. Which these books have plenty of. I'm not sure if I can buy these in print anymore, which is really sad, as my copies are tattered from being read over and over. The 4th book was actually never released in print, having recently come out in e-book format. A format you can buy all the books in, for only $4 each!

Book 1: Karma Girl

Book 2: Hot Mama

 Book 3: Jinx

Christmas Novella: A Karma Girl Christmas

Book 4: Nightingale

Jennifer Estep also has two other series, that are in print. Her Gin Blanco Spider series and her young adult Mythos Academy series. Both which I own. I love her style of writing and her commitment to writing strong females, not just someone who is waiting for a man to save her. Of course there's romance, but the hero of the story is always the girls. As it should be. We are the stronger sex after all. ;)

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