Friday, April 5, 2013

Assimilated. Part of the hive

My kids are weird.  Maybe all kids are weird.  I don't know, I generally only associate with mine.  Except for this week, this week I have my cousins daughter.  Yay spring break!  (I'm also making a Stargate cake, but I can't share it until after tonight.  Scouts honor).  Cousins daughter has nothing to do with this though.  This is all my kids.  Remember when we would embarrass our parents with the clothes we wore and when in public? Then you would run into someone they knew and they had this look on their face?

OK, so I grew up in foster care, so I'm not positive my parents would have, but based on my experience with my kids, I assume they would. The kids put together some special outfits. Royal Princess has some especially garish designs, but I let her do it, because hey, more power to her, right? Then we run into someone I know and I'm all

 Then today I needed socks. I don't know where the hell spring went. She showed her face and then turned around and told me to kiss her ass. So my feet were cold. I blame the bitch that is spring for that. SCREW YOU. Good God I can ramble. So, I asked for socks. I forgot that my childrens ideas of matching differs from mine. And once I put them on, I thought I looked rather cute.  photo P1100480_zps4e2756a9.jpg

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