Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm Forever Safe From Freddy Krueger

Have Kids?

Never sleep again.

It's that simple.

*sigh* Alice got sick Saturday morning. Or was it Friday morning? Hell, all I know is that by Saturday night she was throwing up. She was complaining to me on Friday morning before school that her stomach hurt. I chalked it up to gas and gave her some medicine. She went to school and was fine. Even went to sleepover at a friends house that night. Though, she came home before 9 the next morning complaining she was in pain again. However, one dose of pepto, and she was back to herself again. We even went shopping. Then it all went to hell in a handbasket about the time we were supposed to meet my father for dinner.

By Sunday afternoon, she was back to normal again. Even begged her dad to take her to the store with him. (Which meant I had to go too, just in case. Damn it)

Now Thumbelina is sick. And I'm so exhausted that I can barely function.

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MamaMia said...

Sorry Peach, hope the kids get well and you get some sleep soon. I went through that last month, my 2 year old had back to back ear infections then a nasty sinus infection. Then my husband and 12 year old came down with it too. I felt like I didn't sleep for 3 weeks. Hang in there!