Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This Is The Reason Mommy Has Stuffed Animals

I'm almost 30 (395 days) and I love stuffed animals. I keep it in check though. I currently only have 3. Brownie Bear (small stuffed brown bear), Magic (small stuffed husky), and Princessa (1.5ft pink princess bear) I love my animals and the kids know I have a strict hands off policy for them. Which makes them objects of desire of course.

So what do I do with these stuffed animals? Well, they are mine of course, which means when my child is really upset about something, they offer some really great comfort. Because it's something very special to me that I am allowing them to sleep with and snuggle. Like tonight, when poor Thumbelina has lost her new Furreal kitten. She's bawling, but snuggling Princessa keeps her mind off of it for at least tonight. Until I can get to the library tomorrow.

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