Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm Not A Patient Person

So this whole waiting to test thing is for the birds man! 5 days is too early, I know. But that still doesn't stop the urge. Now, onto my Applebees rant!

We met my MIL at Applebees last night. She got there after us, and ordered her drink. It took 10 minutes for us to get it, which should have been a clue. 10 minutes, while the waitress was filling other drinks for other tables. OK. Fine. Sure. But then we ordered. And waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, after seeing a table that came in at the same time we did get their appetizers, my MIL was willing to ask. Waitress said they had gotten slammed and said she would check on it.

Then that same table got their meals. Then the table that came in well after us got their appetizers.

At that point, I said I was done. It had been over an hour, and we still didn't have an appetizer. Matt and I got up to talk to the manager. The waitress sees us standing there and says "Oh", walks back to the kitchen and grabs a tray. We see her walk to our table, but then the manager comes out and we explain why we are leaving. She offers to pack our food up for us. The food that isn't even ready. We declined. She said she was sorry, and that's it. Great management skills there.

We got get my oldest daughter and MIL, and MIL tells us that the waitress just threw the tray of appetizer on the table (just one of the two ordered), and when my MIL told her we were leaving, she huffed and walked away.

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