Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Move Over Kate, William is MINE!

Or at least according to my dreams he is. Honestly, I don't understand half my dreams, and this one definitely went from weird to nightmare pretty fast.

OK, so apparently, William and I met before he married Kate. The entire world thought he was marrying her, but it was really me, someone the world hadn't seen before? (huh?) Oh, along with my kids too of course (No reason why my husband hasn't tried to object to this or anything) So, William and I get married in a super secret ceremony in America, and the next night is a ball in his honor. So, I need to get ready.

Strangely, no one thought to find someone to do my hair and nails, or even find me a dress. Which sent me scouring the stores (JCPenney, Belk, Walmart? Seriously, ballgowns at Walmart?) I even missed my daughters recital (what recital would Liz have?) because they were shellacking my nails and having me try on dresses. If anything, I fell in love with my hair.

That quickly turned into us driving across a lake in normal clothes. We were going over a bridge, and I noticed a plane had crashed in the lake, and the people were being rescued. Right after that, there was a billboard for the plane company. I need to point out that at this point, William looked like my husband.

All of the sudden we are in the lake. My husband (now played by Joel McHale of Community and The Soup) has a vision, where he sees a boat running into and killing these girls. He looks out, and there is the girl and the boat. He yells for her to get out of the way, so she starts swimming, but apparently the person driving the boat hears him too, and he's an evil Abe Lincoln. He heads the boat to mow the group of girls down.

The girls run to Joel McHale for help, and he asks what's wrong with them, and then watches them drown. Evil Abe Lincoln gets down from his boat, and walks up to Joel McHale, only to touch his tongue to Joel McHales nose and lips.

Then I woke up, and I'm not going back to sleep just yet. Gee. Wonder why?

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