Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Watcha Doin?

Eatin' chocolate.

Where'd you get it?

Doggy dropped it.

My daughters latest and greatest joke. And I have a habit of saying "Hey Liz, whatcha doing?" all the damn time. So once it starts... It's the joke that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some idiot started asking, not knowing what came next...

I changed my appointment to June 1. Forever away, I KNOW! But when I scheduled it for May 25th, I had forgotten that it's the day after Emi's preschool graduation, and her last chance to hit this really cool animal farm that has giraffes you can pet and all that. So, I couldn't deny her that. She's so excited. So is Matt for that matter!

I'm bloated and crampy. I feel like you do right before you start your period, but as if my period should have shown up 6 weeks ago. I think we block out the bad parts of having a baby, don't we?

Baby Yoshi is craving some strange stuff. I ate two spoonfuls of peanut butter. HUGE spoonfuls. When my husband jokingly said "at least you didn't mix it with pickles", my eyes lit up. Now I want peanut butter pickles. The usual strawberry milkshakes with mcdonalds fries is always a hit with any future belly bump. And the bastards at McDonalds had to go and change their milkshakes. Thank God they still taste good.

Today we are stopping by Panera so I can get a broccoli soup bread bowl. I don't like broccoli soup. In fact, I hate broccoli. But what the baby decides sounds like heaven, mommy eats.

Already demanding stuff. Baby Yoshi is going to fit right in.


Sam said...

When I was pregnant with DS, I kept a jar of peanut butter at my desk at work and would eat it by the spoonful. I also couldn't get enough fajitas.


Peaches said...

I make some killer fajitas. Sadly, Yoshi doesn't like green pepper, which I adore.