Friday, June 3, 2011

Twilight Didn't Start It You Know

On one of my mommy boards, someone posted that they wanted books to read, but nothing Harry Potterish. (Sacrilege, I know) Of course, this meant that all dragons, vampires, fae, elementals, superheros, were-animals, and aliens were out too. (I recommended the Heather Wells series. Nothing but mystery and comedy in those)

While writing it out, I realized that most people call the books I read the adult Twilight genre. Which irritates the crap out of me. Sure I like Twilight. It's a glimpse into the "what if" of loosing your true love. That's why New Moon was so strong to so many people. And why we clamored for the rest of the series. Because we once wished we were everything to that first taste of love. (of course, what if you boyfriend was a vamp and wanted to kill you too)

HOWEVER, these books were out long before Stephanie Meyers dreamt of a meadow filled with flowers. I've been reading books about these supernatural creatures since I was a child. Starting with the childrens masters of horror, R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike. (not to be confused with the adult master of horror. I know) As I got older, there were tons of authors that came before Meyers, that were much better than her stories (again, I love them. Sue me), but one thing becomes a craze and you're all lumped with them. It's enough to make me shy away from the series.

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Mrs. said...

I am reading Goosebumps books to my son right now - brings back so many memories! I used to devour those in an hour it seemed. :)