Monday, July 11, 2011

First Step To The New Baby Room?

Fix the girls room! Currently the baby room is their playroom. They are doing their yearly toy sort right now and putting them into those plastic drawers. The ones with 5 large drawers? Those are going in their closet and the shoes in their closet will be going into one of those shoe caddys that hang on the back of the door.

BUT... To do all that, I have to fix the location of Emilys bed. And if I'm going to do that... I might as well repaint! DH and I are at a standstill on which paint to buy. Personally, I love Behr paint, but I haven't looked at the colors. I did find Rocker Girl Purple with Valspar. But he feels that Glidden is just as good and cheaper. So... Here's my choices:

Valspars Rocker Girl Purple


Gliddens Soft Violet

Which ever we wind up choosing, we are going to add that glitter paint additive. Make it shimmer. Liz's side of the room is going to have hot pink and zebra print. Emily is going to be fairies and butterflies. I think I can blend it with the glittery paint.

AND... Convinced him to go with the Valspar to get a true rocker girl purple.

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