Tuesday, July 19, 2011

YOU are a hoarder

My husband loves the show Hoarders. He and Liz will watch it all day long if there is a marathon, and it can be upsetting, because neither of them sees it. Neither of them sees they are doing the same.

I'm trying hard with Liz, but she likes to save EVERYTHING. And I have to work with her to show her value vs. quantity. My husband? He doesn't understand why I want all these boxes gone! I'm of a firm belief that if you haven't opened the box in the 4 years that we've been here, YOU DON'T NEED TO KEEP IT! He can't even tell me what's in 2 of the 4 boxes sitting in our bedroom (one is filled with too small shirts from his favorite sports teams. The other are speakers he wants to put in his car)

In our closet he has two HUGE boxes of playboys he's collected over the years. They just sit there, taped up, as they were before we even moved in together. Let's not get started on his childhood toys and lava lamps he keeps pushing the girls to want (Lava lamps hit the bottom of the Goodwill box last night.... Shhhh!)

Having moved around so much in my childhood, I would get rid of items I didn't need anymore. I didn't hang on to anything but my books. So maybe I don't get it. But what I also don't get is the fact that we are too big for this house, due to inability to throw things away.


Shan said...

The first time we watched that show, my husband admitted he could be a hoarder. But he's always been willing to let me donate things to a local homeless shelter or women's group.

Here's hoping we'll never see you on TV.


Peaches said...

NEVER! I'm cleaning his closet today.

sam nichols said...

Wow, you sure know a lot of swear words. I bet your kids will be a big hit in school with that kind of vocabulary.

Peaches said...

Awww... Aren't you just the sweetest Sam! I'm sure my kids will be just fine in high school, thank you for caring!

Shay said...

Fuck you Sam Nichols!

My daughter and husband could be hoarders but I don't let them. I think it was oassed down from his mom. His mother saves every little thing. Quarter of a Popsicle, old candle jar, rock from a walk in the park....I could go on. I think it's a genetic condition.