Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Jerk With No Compassion

There was a story about a 700lb woman who was having her 4 year old daughter feed her so she could reach her goal of being in the record book as the fattest woman or something.

I had a problem with this. Yes, I am fat. I don't think I should be made fun of for it. It's something fat people deal with every day. We generally hate ourselves enough that we don't need others to hate us to. Food is also an addiction for some of us. It's not an excuse though. Addictions are never an excuse. Why do I have a problem with this? Because she is using her daughter to help kill herself. This woman already has a slew of problems associated with her "goal" in life, and she's steadily killing herself by making sure she eats 15,000 calories a day. 15,000 calories a day which her daughter "helps" her prepare and feeds to her. I say "helps" because at 700lbs your body can't support your weight, and there isn't much you can really do. Her daughter also helps her shop, which she says is over the internet.

What I don't hear from this woman is who is taking care of this 4 year old child? It's not her. It physically can't be. I remember my children at 4, hell, I know my daughter at almost 6. She still needs help with things. Food and baths for example. I'm compassionate to the CHILD, not to the mother who is putting her own personal goal above her daughter. And that people defend her scares me. Scares me for what we are becoming.

I have no sympathy for someone who can ruin their childs life with their own selfishness. Been there with my own mother. Maybe I'm projecting too much. But that's out of understanding. Out of empathy.

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