Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Squishy Heart IKEA

We are buying the girls loft beds.  SHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They don't know.  It's a surprise.  We went to Ikea to look at the ones we are after (metal beds, because wooden beds aren't cool, according to my deluded 10yr old).  After seeing them, my husband was convinced they were best for the room, to free up space.  Now we just need to make sure they will fit.  We left $67 later.  That's not including lunch.  I've never been so grateful to be full fast in my life.  I got a wrap.  Something that costs me 323 calories at home.  If I had eaten the whole thing at Ikea?  800 calories.  For a buffalo chicken wrap.  It would have been only 30 calories more to get the swedish meatball plate!

OK, off of calorie counting for a moment, I did get something cool.  I've been wanting one of those road rugs for Asher.  You know the ones that have roads all over them, that you drive cars on?  That I keep finding for $40+?  I got a small one for only $13.  That's right.  $13.
 photo P1100130.jpg

 I then bought 2 scrapbooks that are adorable and cloth covered for only $2.60 a piece.  We will give them to the girls for Disney to get autographs.  I'll later place the pictures of them with each character.  I also bought quite a few other things, including a baking tray and an awesome marble rolling pin.  (only 15!!!!!)
 photo P1100141.jpg

 IKEA should pay me for this blog post. And because my kids are gorgeous....

 photo P1100172.jpg  photo P1100125.jpg

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