Saturday, March 2, 2013

Just when you stop believing in weird

I belong to a few mommy boards online.  There's Babycenter, the forum that introduced me to how bad the mommy wars can be, and transformed me into the mom that I am.  There's a private board in a private place, there's the Babycenter spin off,, and then there is a local board I found out about early last year.  The local board was strange to me, because for some reason, I just didn't picture my little town having something like that.

On the local board, there is a sub forum for AP moms (attachment parenting).  About a week ago, I posted about how I feel lonely sometimes, because I don't quite fit in around here.  That I've had mean things said due to my so called "crunchy" ideas.  Then today, at a Doctor Suess thing at our local mall, I saw a mom babywearing.  This is the FIRST time I've seen a mom babywearing outside of the internet.  (Bjorns don't count). 

It was one of the moms commenting on the thread!  I didn't realize it until I had gotten home of course and was updating my thread about the coincidence.  Sometimes it's the little things that can seem so big when you are feeling so alone.  :)

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