Saturday, March 9, 2013

So we meet again, Margo Moo Cow

A device of torture really shouldn't look so happy.  Is she cheerful that I am about to terrorize my son twice a day for a minimum of a week?  Is she trying to smirk?  Is it some form of sarcasm on behalf of her makers?

 photo P1100022_zpsc93279a8.jpg 

My demanding prince is sick.  Double ear infections and so much congestion that the doctor said he was making her head hurt for him.  Yet, despite my sleepless nights and his clingier state, he's HAPPY.  Smiling and giggling.  Being his demanding self.  Is this buttering me up for torture to come in later years?  "Mom, you can't be angry, remember what a sweet baby I was?  That totally makes up for me driving the neighbors car into the lake! You owe me mom!"

It true, after years of torture at the hands of Margo Moo Cow, I probably will owe him.

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