Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to Jersey, Back to Reality

After leaving Natalies house, we (Rose, Melty, Irish and I) headed back to Jersey to spend time with our favorite, very cheeky, monkey. I start out driving. Which is a YAY! moment for me, as I hate driving in areas that I am not comfortable with.

It seems to me, that when I am driving, that's when all the wonderful bridges pop up. I am starting to just go with the flow. Bridges and tunnels. I think Rose was ready to slap the shit out of me by the end of the trip. We drove through New York, which is where we switched sides, as I was not comfortable getting back on the interstate after pulling over in the Bronx for a Crime Scene. Don't ask.

After what feels like forever stuck in New York traffic, on a FREAKING SUNDAY, we cross into Jersey, and it's smooth sailing from there.

We had so much fun that first night, spending time with the Monkey. She took us down to the board walk. Which I have to say, beats Myrtle Beach and it's strip by a long shot. Back in it's glory, Myrtle Beach rocked, but developers (the pavilions anyone?) ruined that. They have TWO pavilions, and we wound up at the one with the Sky Coaster. After a plate full of raw clams (the Monkey loves me), we started walking, and when we came upon the Sky Coaster, The monkey looked at us and said "who wants to ride with me?". Now, there is no way in hell that I am getting on that thing. I would die from fear. So, being evil, I look to Irish, and in my best southern accent tell her to do it, as a wedding present for me.

After getting a bottle and shot of liquid courage, the Monkey, Irish, and Melty get in line. I am not going to lie, the Monkey is our fearless leader, as she proved by LAUGHING the entire way! All the way up, and then, as they were swinging across the Atlantic ocean. I mean that maniacal evil laugh. Irish is screaming "It's an Irish sandwich!". She's positioned in the middle of them. Kinky.

The next morning we wake up the littlest monkey smiling at us. Rose and I are in his bed, and I think he thought we were funny. Let me tell you, the little monkey is freaking adorable. I could have kidnapped him. He also weaseled his way into a day with the girls. :-) We headed to breakfast, and I don't remember the name of the place, but I had the most amazing omelet. It was filled with crab meat and so so so good. But afterwards, it was bittersweet, as this is where Melty and Irish left us to head back home.

We headed down to the beach. Where vacationers were trying to get on the beach through the state park and being turned away, the Monkey, having a pass, just drove on. Wonder how many fingers we got? How many bad names we were called? The beach was beautiful. There were whole clam shells, and even a fully intact crab shell, which I haven't seen since eating my last deviled crab. (yummy... Now I want crab again)

I swore I was not getting into the water. This is where the bull shark attacked all of those people years and years ago. This is where the fact of Jaws took place. Where the author got his idea to terrify people about going into the water. So, while I wore my bathing top, I just had jeans and boy short panties on. But I couldn't resists the lure of the ocean, and before I knew it was standing in my bathing top and purple panties wading into the ocean! Jersey had me acting all exhibitionist.

Unfortunately, after this, our vacation came to an end. We left our fearless leader, and drove back to Roses house. I drove the whole way! Including over more giant ass bridges. And survived.

Now, I am back to reality. Balancing check books, getting ready for the first day of school, throwing birthday parties... I need another vacation.

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