Sunday, August 23, 2009

To The Place My Sister Was Born

Well, not really. She was born on a base in Connecticut, as her biological father was in the Army. It's always strange to picture my mother that young and a military wife. Creepy...

We got to Natalies house, and stayed up talking for quite some time. Finally, we crashed. Not that it stopped us from getting up super early and heading the mall. Where we met the hottie named Jimmy working at Charlotte Russe. Oh my god Jimmy was freaking fantasy hot. I promise I remembered I am getting married. I even let Jimmy know that Rose was married, I was engaged, but you know Jimmy, that girl that kicked her leg in the air? The one whose ass you keep staring at? Yeah, she's single. Just so you know.

We headed to get Rose and Natalies tattoos. Well, tat #1 for Rose. She got her second the next day with me. Our artist of the day(s) was named Mike. Apparently, he did tats at the MTV Music Awards and knows Kat Von D. He also never even blushed when we asked him about penis tattoos and how erect they need to be for the process. He swears he has never and will never tat a penis, but that his buddy did it, and he charged $5o0 an hour. I don't even have a penis and the idea of a needle stabbing up and down into that delicate piece of skin makes my imaginary penis hurt. It was here, at the parlor, that Melty and Irish met up with us.

The weekend flew by. The Saurus met up with us on Saturday morning, and I was so happy to finally meet her. And her magic camera. There isn't much I can get into about the rest of the trip, as somethings are just meant to stay private for the risk of incriminating the innocent. And guilty. No boys, nothing like that you dirty dirty pervs.

What I can say is that I was super sad to leave Nat. I had a blast with her, and felt as if I have known her forever. I wish we lived closer.

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