Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School! Back to School!

Chloe went back to school today. It was a growing session for me, since I let her ride the bus. I started by loading up the family in the minivan and driving across the street to the bus stop.

Oh, I am supposed to let her do this herself? Really? But, but... She's only 7!!!! Maybe tomorrow I'll be a little more OK. Or at least by next school year. Being the Internet accessible age, I see a pedophile around every damn corner, trying to lure my child away. Break out in sweats wondering if she is going to make it home, or is someone going to kidnap her when she gets off the bus? How about moronic drivers who ignore the stopped school bus and hit my child?

Matt says I'm neurotic. I think I have to agree with him. And it's driving me crazy. I have a tendency to see every possible God awful scenario that could happen. How do you make this stop? It can not be healthy.

She seems to like school. Even the new uniforms. I hate that she had to start a new school, but since we moved, there was nothing I could do. Even if her old school did say I could lie about the address. I won't lie, I considered it.

At Parent/Teacher orientation last night we were a little worried about how they arranged it. This school is HALF the size of Chloes old one, and I know that is a good thing, smaller teacher:student ratio, but due to that, they might have realized that having EVERYTHING in the main hallway, and the teacher meet and greet in the tiny cafeteria was not a bright idea. It was a cluster of people trying to get information, and many people getting angry because some parents had the rude entitled attitude that you were obviously standing in line for so long just to hold a spot for them to jump in front of you. Ever wanted to slap a soccer mom?

Hopefully I will feel better later. The principal is a riot. I met him over the summer when signing her up, and last night, he didn't let me down is his mannerisms. He had us cracking up. Before getting to the serious issue of the flu. What has been on every parents mind since school season kicked back up. And I will say, he scared me. 100 degree temperature? Don't even think about stepping foot in his school. Even if you are a teacher. They are going overboard to try and keep the school safe. And I for one, am glad.

Day 1: over. Day 2? Just shoot me.

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