Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rob Zombie versus The Rednecks

It's starting to look like every single time Rosalie and I go out, something funny happens that makes us wonder "WTF?"

This time it was our night out to see Halloween 2. Originally, we were supposed to go on Saturday, but Matt got tickets to the Panthers game, so it was pushed to Sunday. Then he remembered his fantasy football draft for Sunday night... Which is why I was at the theater on Monday night to see Rob Zombies newest.

Yesterday our kids were terrors. Holy terrors. I think they planned it. By the time we got out of the house, we were exhausted. Maybe they were trying to make us to tired to go out? Wouldn't put it past the devious little monkeys we call children. So, we went to Starbucks for a little crack addiction so we could at least stay awake throughout the movie.

As soon as we get into the theater, the lights turn out. "Damn Jersey Devil!" I whisper. Loudly. We find our seats and settle in for what we hope will be a great movie. We both loved the first Halloween he did. Prefer it to the original Jamie Lee Curtis version. Well, in this theater, we had TALKERS. Such bad talkers, that another theater patron yelled "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

Can you imagine how a redneck woman feels when being told to shut the fuck up? Yeah, she was pissed. And freaking loud as hell. Screamed back "YOU DON'T TALK TO A FUCKING LADY LIKE THAT!!" quite a few times. And then some select other words and phrases. Off and on throughout the movie.

When the movie ended and we left, we saw her in the parking lot, big giant red hair, wife beater tank top, and camo's on. Yes, that would be a Redneck siting. Did we mention they brought a kid who looked to be about 8 years old to see the movie? Well, she and the theater guy were still arguing. Him and his girl in their truck, and her screaming that he is a fucking coward for not coming to say it to her face.

I promised Rosalie that when she came down, I was going to show her the south. I guess she can head home now, properly fulfilled.

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RachaelRae said...

HOLY HELL! Seriously? That's incredibly rude. (But kinda funny, at the same time.)

How was the movie? The parts that you could hear, that is... and don't spoil it for me! :-)