Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wedding Dreams

I keep having horrible and strange wedding dreams. Last night, I was in my wedding dress, still in the brides room, when I found out that Matt had cheated on me and gotten her pregnant. The dilemma was sitting there, not knowing what I was going to do. At times, the dream switched to the chapel, where I saw everyone sitting down, Matt standing at the alter, and then back to me, feeling hurt, angry, and lost, unsure of what I was supposed to do next. I didn't go. Matt's mom screamed at me, Matt fell down in tears, I was in horrible pain.

Then somehow, I was on an elevator, that had 300 floors, and I was on floor 268. And the elevator kept going up and down, but never stopping on my floor. Anyone who knows how much I hate elevators, knows that this was hell for me.

Suddenly, I was in a dark house, with Matt. The wedding hadn't happened, and he wanted to talk to me, but suddenly, vampires were coming for us. Angel leading the way (Buffy anyone?) But this wasn't Angel Angel, it was Booth, playing Angel (Bones anyone?). Apparently, he was only pretending to help them, so he could help save us.

Then I woke up.

But after a night like that, you have to know that I was exhausted, so I went back to take a nap later, and it was back to just strange dreams, involving my godmother, Matt, my father, the wedding party... And being at a restaurant, where you were not allowed to bring you cell phone into. It wasn't scary, didn't seem to mean anything, but I was confused the entire time.

4 days and counting.

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