Monday, September 28, 2009

I really did it!

Granted, I did ask my dad as we were walking up the aisle if I still had time to run. He said he would go grab the car.... :-)

My HUSBAND is currently upstairs in this condo sleeping. I could have sworn it was later than 8:30 when I finally crawled my sore self out of bed, but apparently, even on my own honeymoon I can't let myself sleep in. So no yelling at me for being online during my honeymoon people!

The wedding was wonderful. The entire day was supposed to be rainy, and I was getting married outside. Every where I went I asked people to pray that the rain would hold off. Right as the ceremony was supposed to start, the "rainy mist" that was happening all day, got a little heavier, so we held off for 10 minutes before starting, and it slowed slightly, and I decided that we were still going to marry outside, and not in the tent. And I am so glad that we did. That misty, foggy rain set the perfect mood for my outside wedding. I felt truly as if I were a fairy princess.

My daughters looked so beautiful walking up the aisle. Emily was grabbing handfuls of petals and THROWING them behind her, and I found out later, that Chloe? She was crying. She won't talk to me about it, but she told her Aunt Ashlei (my sister) that she was crying because she was happy.

Then, I walked out to Nothing Else Matters. Yes, a metallica song, played on the violin. I always wanted to do that, and I love that Matt understood. It took all the power I had not to cry when reading my vows to him. I couldn't look up, I would have burst into tears. And I am not the overly emotional type. (well, crying type. I am the overly quick to anger type)

We did pictures after the ceremony, got in the tent, and then the bottom fell out of the sky and the rain flowed. This is proof of the power of prayer. The ceremony was wonderful!!!! I loved it so much. There was only one snafu, and it will be fixed by refund when we get home. They didn't do our preset garden salad, and they only had one type of roll, instead of assorted. Other than that, the food was wonderful.

Being out there dancing, with my girls, my friends, my HUSBAND, my father, my sister, my cousins... It was the perfect dream come true for me. I am about to cry just thinking about it. How the hell did I get so lucky?

To Rosalie, Natalie, and Irish: I love you girls. Thank you so much for being there for me. To my sister: My hair looked so beautiful. I loved it. To all those that asked, YES!!!! It was all MY hair!!!!! LMAO.

To my husband: I love you. Wake up soon.


Combat Mommy said...

Aww...I was misting up just reading it! I love your dads comment...sounds like my dad! I cant wait for our ceremony...We did a quickie cliff ceremony with a justice of the peace...

PS...I found you on BBC and your posts just crack me I am sitting here praying my children dont wake from the storm and read thru your life... :)

Princess Peaches said...

Thank you! :-) Hope the storm isn't too bad. I am lucky, generally my girls can sleep through anything.