Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Fat Chicks guide to food on the OBX

We have been here since Sunday night, when we bought frozen pizza from Food Lion for dinner, as it was really late, and we were tired and cranky. The first place we stopped was my favorite store, Harris Teeter, where I refused to pay $8 for frozen pizza. While there, and older couple recommended 2 restaurants. Red Drum and Henrys.

So far, we have hit the following restaurants:

1. Henrys: We went for breakfast, since apparently it has the best on the island. Um, no. I could make a better breakfast in my kitchen, and I swear they microwave the bacon. The service was sweet, but the food was awful. I got a crab meat omelet and Matt ordered pancakes.
Service: B+ Food: D-

2. High Cotton: This is a yummy barbecue restaurant. I loved their pulled pork sandwich, and their secret bbq sauce recipe is to die for. Matt got a 2 meat plate which was good, but the chicken was slightly too dry. I do recommend the sandwich though! Our issues with this restaurant arose from the service. Apparently, getting french fries was extra, as not a normal side. This is fine, except that it's listed at .99 in the menu, but the waitress informed me that it was a misprint, and it would be $1.25 extra. Ok... THEN FIX THE MENU.

Then, she served our food, gave us our check, and disappeared to the front to sit. 35 minutes later, Matt headed to the drink station to ask another waitress to get our refills. Then we went to leave, and their was our waitress, sitting at the register, messing with her nails. As soon as we walked up, she got up and walked away. Needless to say, we didn't leave her a tip. Sorry, you didn't do your job. I recommend eating here, but make it take out.
Service: F Food: B+

3. Red Drum: I don't know where the name comes from, but I still think of the movie The Shining each and every time. Even with the extra D. I am currently sitting and wearing their shirt. Why would I be cheesy enough to buy a shirt from a restaurant? Well, the fact that we have been here a few short days and I have eaten there TWICE.

Red Drum has the best food and atmosphere of any place I have eaten here. It's a tap house, and the food is all fresh and wonderful. The service is even better. Apparently, once woman makes all the deserts at home in her kitchen, last night she gave us a slice of her chocolate and vanilla butter cream cake. OH.MY.GOD.

Red Drum also makes it's own sauces, such as the cocktail sauce, which was out of this world good. The two times we went, I ordered fried oysters, which were melting in my mouth they were cooked so well. It has spoiled me. They also have specials of the day, one day, it was their Curry Crab Bisque. Which I hope they make again, because I want to take a gallon, or four home with me to eat.
Service: A+ Food: A+

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