Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cake Baking and other mysteries

Yes, I know the title here makes no sense. I am finishing up a cake, its crumb coat is setting, and it's the only thing I could think off, as Emily runs in here to make me trade out her Sailor Moon movie. Again. Why yes, my soon to be four year old loves Sailor Moon. I have passed on a legacy. This is not to be confused with my completely EMO 7 year old who still believes that my sole purpose in life is to make hers miserable. I really need to find her some more hobbies besides reading Harry potter and writing in her journal. Cheerleading does not seem to be helping.

My two girls couldn't be more different. Yet, at the same time, they are so similar, and Emily looks up to Chloe so much, I should probably worry! What will I do with TWO emo kids? Shoot myself and give them fodder for years of poetry and therapy? I jest. They are both great kids. Chloe is just at a woe is me, everyone hates me stage. A few years earlier than I would have hoped. Who can complain. I think I got a total of 14 smiles out of her yesterday before she declared that the world was against her because I made her clean her room instead of playing her Nintendo DS.

So, my first "real" week as a married woman? Um, not that much different from the week before the honeymoon. Just less wedding stress and less clutter in my bedroom! I can see the floor again, it's a miracle! But, I have spent the last 2 nights sleeping in bed alone, as Matt continues to fall asleep on the couch watching TV. If I wouldn't miss it too much, I would bust the TV.

Oh, and am already fighting with my MIL! Over something that started really really stupid too, but culminated in her husband calling me a bitch (among other things) in front of my daughter. While she thinks that was wrong, he apparently only did it because he is worried about Matt having to support us. There are words I could use myself here, but I won't. This all started because Matt told her to call us when they got out of church. They didn't. They took Chloe to get a happy meal. Well, I told Matt to call them and tell them not to have her eat, as we were taking her to Olive Garden.

You know men. They are stupid sometimes. And the incident became "tina is upset because you took Chloe out to eat". Um... No. I wasn't even upset. I didn't care, until I was accused of being a horrible mom for not wanting my child to eat McDonalds before Olive Garden. Even then, I kept my cool. It wasn't until Chloe came to me and told me what was said about me that I lost it. I don't care what you think, keep your opinions from my daughters ears. She was hurt someone said things about her mom.

Married life, cake baking, and other mysteries.

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