Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ugly Chair

Matt has a few things in the house from his time as a bachelor, but I won't lie, most of it was butt ugly, so it went.

He had this one white couch that we went rounds about. Apparently it was the most comfy couch in the world, but when a white couch is only white in the spot where a book sat, and the rest is brown, yellow, or covered in paint? It's I brought up this couch the other day, and he looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned the blows we traded over it. "That thing was ugly! I would never want to keep it!" Really??!!??

There is one thing he wouldn't let go. A special blue chair. He can't even remember where he got the ugly thing. It's ugly ugly ugly. But he wouldn't let it go. We finally agreed the ugly monstrosity would go in the girls playroom.

I won't lie, they have used it, but it's time to go. Even they agree. Emily got a Princess Tent for her birthday, that this spot is perfect for, and it's sitting in my living room because of the blue monster. Luckily, he has agreed to get rid of it. He agreed to this 7 days ago, and yet, it still sits in the playroom. Why? Oh, because we can't just throw it away! It has to be gifted to someone! Who will love it, pet it, and call it fucking George.

Unfortunately, no one wants it. Now, he is even willing to give it to Goodwill (he refused before, he wanted to know who was going to love it), just to keep it out of the landfill. Show of hands, who thinks good will will take it?

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