Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where's the wedding ring?

In the landfill.

Oh? You want more information? Ok, I never found a ring that I loved, and wound up buying a $40 fake. No one could even tell the difference, and I thought it would work until I found the perfect ring.

Well, yesterday, I noticed that a gem had fallen out from the bottom of the eternity band, so I took it off, and put it in a shoe box on the coffee table until I could find a safer place for it. Huge huge huge mistake. Because later that night, Matt decided to clean up. (WHAT?!)

Well Matt thought the box was empty and tossed it. Today was garbage day, so when I got up and asked where the box was, and he told me he tossed it, my heart dropped, as the garbage men had already picked up the garbage, so my wedding band is sitting in the landfill now.

What a way to start a marriage. Your husband throws your wedding band away.


Kara said...

Well, at least he just has that guilt to live with, and will probably remember that when he goes to buy you the big one later on...

Shortly after we got married, I found my dh's wedding band carelessly left on the living room floor. After questioning him after work, he confessed that he had been *ahem 'helping himself to some hand lotion', and it must've slipped off. Nice.

Princess Peaches said...

Did you throw it at him Kara?

Kara said...

Honestly... I was so pissed before he came home, I had all these scenarios in my head about how I was going to blast him for it.

I knew that he was looking for it, and I watched him squirm for a bit, but then we he told me what happened, I was laughing so hard that I just couldn't be mad. The baby was just born, and he hadn't been getting it from me, so I really couldn't blame him. I will never forget the sheepish look on his face.

Princess Peaches said...

I totally understand. I would have died laughing too!